Environmental Services

Specialized Service Areas

ISO Systems provides full services for the engineering and planning services from project conception to its maturation (designing, construction and operation etc.).

The specialized areas of our activities in the field of environment are:

1.    1. Solid Waste Management

ISO Systems is an organization of international repute. It has started its consultancy services in the area of solid waste management in Pakistan. These services may include the following activities:

  • Preliminary and feasibility studies
  • Integrated solid waste management plans
  • Landfill design, construction and operation.
  • Biofuels from solid waste
  • Waste to energy
  • Composting


2.  Environment Assessment

ISO Systems is specialized in the areas of environmental assessment reports. The particular areas of studies are as under:

  • Initial environmental examination
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Strategic environmental assessment
  • Socio-economic impact assessment 
3.  Water and Waste Water Treatment Plants

ISO Systems provides its state of the art services in the area of water and waste water treatment plant designing, commissioning and operations.

ISO Systems also provides consultancy services and innovative research methods for waste water treatment for the industrial effluents.

It is also concerned in the import and fabrication of waste water treatment plants.


4.  Health Safety and Environment
ISO Systems is a leading organization in the field of health, safety and environment with foreign qualified experts having multinational experience. Having vast experience of industries and other allied areas of work, they are expert in assessing, implementing effective environmental health and safety services and capacity building for personnel.


5. Transportation Sector:

On the basis of trusted services and to cope for with the clients’ needs, ISO Systems has started its high quality services in the area of transportation.

The team of this area of work is composed of an integrated group of engineers, designers, scientists and technicians which are foreign qualified and have vast field experience.

Our consultancy services include:

  • Traffic engineering,
  • Traffic surveys, counts and digital imageries.
  • Traffic impact studies
  • GIS mapping
  • Route Analysis


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