EUREP, 'Euro Retailer Produce Working Group', is a platform of leading retailers in Europe active in the retail business of the agricultural food industry. ''GAP'' stands for 'Good Agricultural Practice', a minimum production standard for a good agricultural practice of agricultural products.

Since 2008 the official name EUREPGAP is changed into GLOBALGAP. The new standard GLOBALGAP IFA is a global accepted food safety standard for retailers. Globalgap uses GAP as a production standard for the certification of good agricultural practice in the and includes certification for agricultural, animal and aquaculture production.
Globalgap is based on the principles of risk prevention, risk analysis and HACCP, sustainable agriculture by means of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and Integrated Crop Management (ICM), using existing technologies for the continuous improvement of farming systems.

Technically speaking, Globalgap is a set of normative documents suitable to be accredited to internationally recognised certification criteria such as ISO Guide 65. Representatives from around the globe and all stages of the food chain have been involved in the development of these documents. In addition the views from stakeholders outside the Industry including consumer and environmental organisations and governments have helped shape the protocols. This wide consultation has produced a robust and challenging but nonetheless achievable protocol which farmers around the world can use to demonstrate compliance with Good Agricultural Practices. The standards are openly available and free to obtain from the Globalgap website.

Globalgap members include retailers, producers/farmers and associate members from the input and service side of agriculture. The work of the Committees is supported by Food PLUS, a not-for-profit limited company based in Cologne, Germany.

Global GAP IFA
Crops Base : Fruit & Vegetables, Combinable crops, Flowers & Ornamentals, coffee and Tea.
Livestock : Cattle&Sheep, Pig, Poulty and Turkey
Aquaculture : Salmon, Shrimp, Tilapia, Pangasius

Globalgap Feed Manufacturer Standard
Globalgap Plant Propagation Material
Globalgap Social Standard GRASP
Globalgap Chain of Custody


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